Race Forward, 2014

I was honored to receive the Joan Mitchell Fellowship from Facing Race, and supported to attend the national conference in Dallas where I exhibited sculpture.  




Just noticed my work is on the Conaculta website about the show.  



A Day without Public Art in Pilsen

We have a tumblr.  The Day Without Public Art in Pilsen

There is a facebook page or two.  

There will be forums and discussions to follow.  Much thanks to Eric J Garcia for the amazing graphic!  Thank you to Alejandro Medina, artist, gentleman, and fearless climber.  Thank you to Hector Duarte, Linda Lutton, and the kids- for letting us distrupt the beauty of your home for a weekend, for a cause. and for helping us do it!  Thank you so much to everyone at Meztisoy for being our home base and feeding us the delicious coffee, ponche, veggie fajitas and kombucha.  

This was a fantastic day!  More after we rest.


Pulso: October 30- December 4

Spanning between KCAD and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), Pulso is rooted in an exploration of the ways in which regional boundaries affect the perception of art. While the artists involved all have ties to Latin America, this collaborative exhibition frees itself from the confines of such labels by allowing the diversity of medium and subject matter to challenge cultural preconceptions of contemporary art and strengthen the dialogue among artists, both locally and globally.


The Bitters: Fuck It.  

Through August 24th, you can check out some of my work at Whitadel Arts in Detroit!